Graded Assignment Cast Your Vote! Essay

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Graded Assignment Cast Your Vote!

The campaign of 1828 was unlike any other that had come before it. For the first time electors in most states were chosen by popular vote. The electorate had been expanded so that there was universal suffrage among white males.

Suppose you had lived during the time period of the 1828 election. Would you have voted for Andrew Jackson? (50 points)

1. Write a well-constructed essay supporting either Andrew Jackson or the re-election of John Quincy Adams. Keep the following points in mind as you write your essay:
Determine your position and plan your essay by listing the reasons for it. Be sure you back up your position with clearly stated reasons. Use at least one primary source. Read your essay aloud to be sure that it makes sense.

Check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Answer: The election of 1828 was a very nasty election and attacks were made on both candidates. Those candidates being “Old Hickory”, or Andrew Jackson, the war hero of The War of 1812, and John Quincy Adams, who was the son of founding father John Adams, who was also the second president of the United States. The election came to be a very memorable one and went down in the history books for sure. This wasn’t the first time these two had met before, they went head to head in the election of 1824 as well, when Adams had won the election.

If I were to live back in those days, and was to take part in voting in this election, my choice would have to be Jackson. Jackson won the election mainly due to his appeal to the common people, because that is just what he was, he was a common person, who was a war hero that everybody liked. It would’ve been a tough choice for me considering Adams had so much experience and was the son of founding father John Adams, but your name can only take you so far. The main reason that I feel Jackson won was because he represented those common people, and that’s why I would’ve voted for him.

Those common people probably made up more than 75% of the U.S., and this country was established on the idea of the people of this great nation running it. Those are my beliefs and statements on the election of 1828.

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