Goal, time and communication Essay

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Goal, time and communication

What is a successful student? Many people tend to regard them as people who are successful in academic area only. However, this is the age of change, our society, which includes the economic and political surroundings as well as the natural environment, rapidly change. Not only should a successful student excel at academic sphere, but they also need to equip themselves for adopting with the changing world. Therefore, three qualities are needed urgently: goal setting ability, efficient time management, and effective communication ability. First, goal setting ability is vital for a student to be successful. Goal setting provides students meaning to learn and knowing what they wish to get in the future. People without goal do not know what they should work hard for, as well as why they should concentrate their attention and time to study. As a result, they will tend to waste their time and money in their college, making them sigh and regret for these when they come to the society and look for their job in a flummoxed way. In root, they do not know how to set a goal for their future development.

Knowing how to set a goal, student’s life will be different. They will work hard and attentive in class, participate in activities positively, finding their life meaningful. Meanwhile, This ability help students adopt to work as well. When they set up their goal, everything comes clear and meaningful. With goal, they will learn initiatively. In such a enormously changing world, goal is important for student to adopt to the world. Second, time management is essential for a student to be successful. Time management is a process that controlling over the amount of time spent on specific activities to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Students not knowing time management usually act causally, sometime even are not punctual when they have a meeting. As a consequence, they waste a lot of time looking for what they have ever arranged before. Moreover, they may not do the homework well even since they cannot handle well a big project by dividing it into different parts and finish it well on time, not to mention their work. When they manage their time well, they will be more confident to learn and work in an effective way.

In such a rapidly changing world, time management is of vital importance for student to adopt to the world by manage their time well. Third, communication ability is significant for a student to be successful. Communication ability include language skill and ability to detect other’s meaning. Student without good communication skill usually tend to be distracted in the class, not to mention listening to the instructions clearly and making notes. Actually, people’s knowledge come from communication, student not handling communication skill must be not knowledgeable and making decision in a poor way. Now is the age of information, the third industry contributes to the economic a lot. People always corporate with people and communicate with others to get something in the society.

If students may not handle communication ability, how can them get adopt to others and the quickly changing world? Goal setting ability, efficient time management, and effective communication ability, these all integrate into one is planning. Good planning always makes people get satisfying result with less effort in an effective way. These will not only help them improve academic result, but also prepare for our future life. To conclude, a successful student is not necessarily genius, but he should manage himself well to release his talent completely and cultivate himself to be adoptive to the society, as well as contribute to the society. In such a changing world, we are facing lots of problems caused by rapid economic growth in the past such as environment deterioration like climate change and resources depletion, widening gap between rich and poor and so on. These abilities will eventually help us save us from the social problems when we take action.

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