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Foxbridge News

Yesterday there is a quarry enquiry go around Foxbridge, the quarry is about limestone. Different people from different group have done the enquiry, lots different opinion has said by the people from the different group. A spokesperson from the living limestone company said that the quarry will create lots of jobs for local people, which can decrease the number of people who don’t have a job and more local jobs would bring more people to live in Foxbridge, so they can spend some of their money in the village. A head teacher of Foxbridge Village primary school said the school is threatened with closure because they have so few children, and that the quarry can help the school get more students, because the quarry workers may move to the village, so their children can go to their school. the local sheep farmer said that they hoping to buy the land of the proposed quarry, because it is very fertile and suitable for growing many crops, and that can increase their year income for growing more and better crops.

The quarry can make new people come into the village, the Parish Council member says that the new people come into the village can help out with the Parish Council. The student who studying GCSE economics analyse that last year in Britain, we exported more limestone that we imported. So we made money from selling limestone and can helped the economy. But also the quarry also will be a blot on the landscape. So people will stop visiting the village and not spending their money in the shops. So we can see the quarry can bring a large effect on the economy. The Living limestone company spokesperson also says that after they finished digging they will create a fishing lake from the quarry, which can benefit the local people and their entertainment. The caving keeps some local young people off the streets and away from alcohol and cigarettes; this will be a good advantage. But the quarry also can bring some social problems.

The quarry will be noisy and dusty, its can affect the quality of student’s study, and also bring disadvantage to the farmers. During the quarry, huge Lorries will pass the house and cause inconvenient to people who live in the street. The quarry may also damage the underground cave system around Foxbridge, the caver says that the blasting could cause accidents if people were in nearby caves at the time. The big problem with environment is that the quarry can affect local wildlife. The Visit Foxbridge spokesperson says “we have a duty to preserve the beauty of the area for the future.” Which means the quarry can destroy the area/village, and affect that less tourists come to the village every year.

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