Explain how the following link to your practice Essay

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Explain how the following link to your practice


In my work place there is an anti bullying policy in place also all the children and staffs are educated on bullying and how it can affect people differently. The school also takes bullying very seriously and any accusations are dealt with straight away.

Cyber bullying

In my work place we have an cyber bullying policy also we educate the children and the staff on signs to watch out for and how to prevent it from happening also what to do if it does happen to you. The school also has posters in the ict room about bullying and where you can get help from. The school also send out leaflets so the parents can read them and educate themselves.


At my work they are different rewards for different year groups and tasks. Some off the reward systems are ; star chart, this is mainly used on a 1-1 basis to help the child concentrate on the tasks set for them. Cloud and rainbow this is a whole class reward as it is not just focused on one child, if a child is behaving well they can go on the rainbow but if the child is not completing a task they will go on a cloud. There is also house points when a child is doing well they will get a point for their team and at the end of the week the points are added up throughout school and the team with the most points are moved along in the race. The team at the end of the year who wins the race will get a reward each.


There are different sanctions depending on the severity of the situation. One of the main sanctions is that if you are told more than once about something your name will go on the bored and if you still continue to misbehaving you will get a tick against your name, three ticks and you will spend playtime and dinner time in class doing extra work.

Impact on personal factors
This all depends on the situation for example;

A child could be going through bereavement and they may act out e.g anger, lashing out, withdrawn. If the school knows about an incident occurring they will take the child to one side and explain what has happened and how they might feel but that they can always talk to them if needed.

Managing pupil behaviour

They are different methods when dealing with pupil behaviour depending on the situation. If the child has additional needs they may be behaving differently due to confusion or anger. Two of the methods that are used most in my school are setting up a 1-1 support and also have a reward chart.


In my work place we try and treat everyone with respect and try and involve everyone no matter what. One of the ways we do this is buy changing the lesson plan so it can fit to the needs of the individual also if there is any other additional equipment needed such as a chair cushion it will be provided.


Training is provided to all members off staff. If there is any additional training that is needed it will be provided such as first aid and food hygiene.

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