Environmental problems Essay

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Environmental problems

Everyone has heard about global problems. Television and the press often writes about storms, droughts, melting of glaciers, or hunger in Africa. But not too many of us know the details, and the stories behind those problems. These days the biggest environmental problems are: Global warming, Pollution, drought, overpopulation, deforestation, Endangered species. Let’s start from global warming. Global warming is the process by which the Earth’s average atmospheric temperature increases over time.In general Global warming means the difference in the Earth’s global climate over time. This process is timeless and still accelerating. Other big environmental problem is pollution. Pollution can be very diverse. There are several types of pollution, how air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution. I think everyone knows what’s mean air, water and soil pollution, but do you know what means noise pollution? Noise pollution refers to undesirable levels of noises caused by human activity that disrupt the standard of living in the affected area.

We need talk more about pollution, because everyone can contribute to the solving of this problem. Next environmental problem is drought. Lithuanians think, that drought is never going to be our problem, but is it true? Drought is defined as a long period of time when there is no rain. Drought can be further prejudiced by human activity. Drought often have a significant impact on agriculture. There are other drought consequences. Everyone heard about very large number of people in China, India. This issue is not relevant to us, but in rest of the world this is a very big problem. Situation, when there are too many people living in a certain area, is called overpopulation. This problem is very important to South Asia and Africa. Some countries, such as China, tries to reduce the birth rate, but other don’t have money to try to stop this problem. Other big environmental problem is deforestation. Deforestation is, when forests are lost and not replanted.

Sometimes deforestation happens when people change the land into farms and cities. A lot of deforestation is from removal of all the trees from a forest for wood or fuel. Without the forests, the natural habitats of the animals are lost and lots of animals are dying. There are some facts about deforestation. And the last environmental problem is Endangered species. All problems, I have told you before, have influence for animals and plants. Pollution, global warming, droughts are dangerous for the environment. And some animals and plants are dissapearing. Some animals, we are never going to see again. Other endangered animals are included in the Red Data Book. There is a list of extincted animals.

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