English “Go back to where you came from” Essay

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English “Go back to where you came from”

A discovery is an experiential process that takes place over time. It involves a trigger that prompts reflection or reassessment thus leading to an altered outlook, enhanced understanding, greater learning and self-awareness. Discoveries inevitability leads to growth. By exploring new world and lands can lead individuals on a journey of a spiritual development and transformation. The people who encounter this journey can give them a greater knowledge of other situations and an insight to them. These experiences can discard old prejudgements and adopt new values and perspectives, therefore leading to growth and maturity. Most discoveries can be confronting and can leave individuals overwhelmed and feel hopelessness and unable to progress for the better, therefore leading to failure to grow. This idea is shown in the TV series Go back to where you come from Go back to where you came from is a documentary/ experiment about six ordinary Australians agree to challenge their perspective about refugees and asylum seekers by embarking on a 25 day journey, tracing in reverse that refugees have to take to reach Australia, they travel to some of the most dangerous and desperate corners of the world, with no idea of what’s in store for them along the way.

The people that I believe change their perspective the most is Raquel Moore unemployed from Western Sydney and her perspective on refugee and asylum seekers was “if it was up to me. I’d send them back. They wouldn’t be staying here. Raye Colbey, retired social worker from Inverbrackie, her perspective was that “when the boat crashed coming to Christmas Island I thought, “It served you bastard’s right”. A related text would be the By experiencing something that is not confortable to you, you begin to think negatively and not appreciate what life is like or would you rather be in a different circumstance where life is worthless. Racquel is a very racist person towards African people and when Racquel visits the Masudi family in episode one she felt unconfortable because they where a different race and had different values to her, making her feel uncomfortable. This shows when she meets the Masudi family for the first time and when she went to shake the man’s hand she had the expression of she didn’t want to be hear and she didn’t like the family because they where African.

This is achieved by using a medium shot as it shows waist height and this allows the viewers to see her expression on her face and allow us to see her body language. By experiencing new things will eventualy encourage an individual to reject past values and adopt new values and perceptions of themsleves and others. This contributes to growth and showing they are maturing bevause of the change they are making to themselves. In episode three when Racquel meets the Masudi family brother and sister her racist reviews became changed as she see’s how they have to live and realises that they are no different to her and made her more appreciated of what she has. Because she ahs experienced what they have experienced this gives her a perception of what they have to go through and now has more respect for them.

This shows when Racquel huggs one of the African people and she shows that she is greatful to see her and shows happiness towards her. This is done by using a close up shot, by seeing her face close up lets the viewer see the empahisis her expression. The impact of discoveries can be transformative for the individual and leading to positive improvement and advancement. Raye Colbey also holds very racist views about refugees. When Raye is told the story of how she lost her baby because she didn’t have any money to save the baby she had taken this to heart because she had trouble in making a baby and this experience made her realise that she could be that in that situation and understands what she had to go through, which makes them no difference to her. When she talks about how the women lost her baby there is a close up on her talking, giving the viewers her emotion and the experience of hearing someone else’s story gives her a perspective of what they had to through, therefore transforming her racist viewers.

Individuals may seek places of refuge to achieve physical growth and mental well-being. When Raye is in Africa and talks about if she had the opportunity to get on a boat she would go on the boat because if it meant a better life for her children the she would go because if it means taking a risk, there whole life has been a risk so if it means one more risk for freedom then its worth it. This moment in the documentary shows how her very racist perspective has changed because she has realized what life is like for a refugee and when people have nothing and they have to survive. When she gives her perspective they camera is at a medium shot which allows views to see her emotion and show detail of her actions.

When  The extended visual metaphor of the girl sitting in the bottle conveys the idea of her feelings trapped inside. The bottle is open however meaning that if she works hard and breaks through the barriers she can find an escape from the darkness that surrounds her This gives responders the impression that she feels isolated and as if she is the only one experiencing struggle and pain.

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