Education and Humanity Promotion Essay

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Education and Humanity Promotion

I have been thinking of the ideas which I would choose to make the world a better place to live. One would be to get rid of racism; without racism, the world would certainly be the better place. Donation basic essentials, volunteering time to share concerns and encouraging embrace toward people with disadvantage backgrounds are other ways to build a better world. The last but not least is ending wars. Besides wasting money and human power wars destroyed cultural and moral values in the most drastic ways. Being treated fairly and respectfully no matter of race, age, religion and disabilities is one of the most ideal wish for every one of us. These are always the ideal wishes from of all of us, that we carry deep in our hearts, and have been wishing them to become true since the beginning of time. In fact, those ideas seem to be part of human nature, but wars, on the other hand also seem to be part of human nature. Many solutions were suggested, but it seemed very little of them would be applied in the reality. Perhaps the idea called “Humanity Education” could get to the root of the problems; and that would be One Thing I Would Strongly Wish to Implement to Make the World a Better Place.

Recently, I listened to a speaker at an event sponsored by the National Society of Leadership and Success program. The presenter was Blake Mycoskie, who established the TOMS shoes brand. He shared with the audience about how his current business was started and how it is doing. At first no one could imagine how simple his goals were. Back in 2006, he and his commission group visited Argentina trying to help poor people, especially kids to go to school. The image of kids going to school with bare feet or with worn out shoes immediately changed his views about the real lives out there. Then, to accomplish his mission to help people, he went back to America and started his non-profit business that is TOMS (Tomorrow) now, Shoes for Tomorrow. The goal of TOMS over time is still “You buy a pair today, we give a pair away tomorrow,” and his speech that night blew the audience’s minds with his way of making a better world. How a much better this world could be if we had more TOMS!

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