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Discussion Questions

1. Complete the following statements by filling in the blanks with either “moral” or “nonmoral” (eg., factual, scientific, legal):

a. Whether or not dumping should be permitted is a moral question.

b. “Are dangerous products of any use in the third world?” is a nonmoral (scientific) question.

c. “Is it proper for the U.S. government to sponsor the export of products overseas?” is a moral question.

d. Weather or not the notification system works as its supporters claim it works is a nonmoral (factual) question.

e. “Is it legal to dump this product overseas?” is a nonmoral (legal) question.

2. Explain what dumping is, giving some examples. Does dumping raise any moral issues? What are they? What would an ethical relativist say about dumping?

Dumping is that manufacturers export their products with a cheaper market price to overseas countries that have not qualified the health safety standard. In this case, manufacturers sold young children pajamas which contained dangerous chemical Tris that could harmful children’s health. The second example is the manufacturers who sold 450,000 baby pacifiers that can cause death with choking and selling U.S banned pesticides and drugs. Dumping has raised a moral issue that those manufacturers want to avoid the profit loss. Even though they know that those products can harm people’s health and safety, they still sold to overseas and claimed that people should be free to make own choice of their benefit.

3. Speculate on why dumpers dump. Do they think they believe that what they are doing is morally permissible? How would you look at the situation if you were one of the manufacturers of Tris-impregnated pajamas?

Dumpers dump because they don’t want to have profit loss. I think that what they did is not morally permissible. If I were the manufacturer of Tris-impregnated pajamas, I would notice to public that those products may have potential dangerous.

4. If no law is broken, is there anything wrong with dumping? If so, when is it wrong and why? Do any moral considerations support dumping products overseas when this violates U.S. law?

Based on the last portion of this question, if “Dumping” overseas violates U.S. Law, then this question has already answered itself, because it is illegal and therefore wrong. It is wrong when the product that they are dumping may cause harm to the environment, animal, humans, etc. or the product is used on crops that eventually end up back in the US. If the product is safe and the producer manufactured an over abundance amount of the product, then I think that it is morally right to dump products into other countries if these countries lack or need these products to survive.

5. What moral difference , if any, does it make who is dumping, why are they doing it, where are they doing it, or what the product is?

It makes a great difference. If it is a company who is dumping chemicals because they are illegal in the US because it causes cancer, then it is morally wrong. It if is a company who has over produced winter coats and need to clear out there warehouse and they are dumping them to countries that needs them, then it is morally right. If a company is dumping because they don’t want to dispose of the product the proper way or wants to make a profit off it, then it is morally wrong. But if a company is dumping because they have over produced a safe product and are not looking for a profit, then it is morally right. If a company is dumping products to any country just to get rid of it, then it is morally wrong. If a company is dumping the safe products to third world countries that are in need of the product, then it is morally right. If the product can cause harm to the environment, animals, human, etc., then it is morally wrong. But if the product doesn’t cause harm to anyone or anything, then it is morally right.

6. Critically assess the present notification system. Is it the right approach, or is it fundamentally flawed?

It is the right approach but it is fundamentally flawed if the other countries do not utilize the information. In theory the present notification system has great intention of doing the right thing. It is morally right to notify countries of the products that the US has banned use of. But it is fundamentally flawed if the other countries do not utilize the information that is given to them to notify their people of the dangers of using the product. Some of these countries don’t have regulatory agencies to ensure that the products being brought into their country are safe. They don’t have adequate testing facilities to test the products that companies want to bring into their country and they don’t have well-staffed customs departments to ensure that the unsafe products are not brought into their country.

7. Putting aside the question legality, what moral arguments can be given for and against dumping? What is your position on dumping, and what principles and values do you base it on? Should we have laws prohibiting more types of dumping?

A pro to dumping products into third-world countries can help these countries by bring products that they may otherwise never get. But the con to dumping unsafe products into these counties can actually kill people and in some cases the product that is dumped can actually end up back into the US. I don’t agree with dumping illegal products into other countries. Not only is it morally wrong, but some of these counties government don’t care or understand the consequences of the potential harm that these products may cause. Killing is against the law and companies are killing people in other countries when they are dumping illegal unsafe products into their countries. It says in the bible and it is one of the Ten Commandments “Thou shall not kill” and that is what these companies are doing when they are dumping these unsafe products. We should have laws against dumping illegal products into other countries and these companies should be heavily fined and/or shut down.

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