Different forms of communication Essay

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Different forms of communication

Nonverbal communication is a way in with we communicate without speaking, this can be using many different methods. Sign langue this is way in which we can communicate with a people who have hearing impairments. With children and young people you can use makaton witch is a basic from of sing langue. For adults you can use B.S.L which is short for British Sign Language.

“The British Deaf Association states that BSL is a first or preferred language for nearly 7, 00000 people in the UK.”(Nolan, Moonie, and Lavers 20005 health and social care page 13). Learning just a few simple sings and phrases will help with how you are able to relate to death people and how they respond to you. Pictures and symbols: they are more common than you may think. For example road symbols, a zebra crossing has flashing belisha beacons these tell you where is safe to cross, also there are zebra crossing with traffic lights a red man flashes up when it is not safe to cross, when it is safe it flashes a green man. They also have a loud beeping sound.

Most places use symbols to inform us and the workers about health and safety for example in a kitchen if the floor has just been cleaned, health and safety states that you must put up a bollard or board displaying caution Wet Floor! Body language, the way we stand or sit can show a lot for example if you stand with your arms folded it could mean a few things but most people often portray this as being protective.

If you were to have your arms in your lap you would be seen as more open, friendlily and relaxed. We can tell a lot from facial expressions we make assumptions of what we think people are feeling. For example it is quite easy to see if someone is smiling or frowning. Touch or contact this can be shown in many different ways for example a friendly gesture could be a simple hand shake or offering a person your arm to help them cross a road, another form of friendliness is to rest you hand or some ones shoulder as reassurance or as encouragement.

A negative from of touch or contact can be an inappropriate sexual gesture for example slapping or pinching some ones bottom. Verbal communication is a way of using your words and phrases carefully and accurately good verbal communication is essential. There are many types of this. One to one this is when one person communicates with another in a private conversation without other people joining in. this is mostly an intense conversation between two people exchanging information, which should be maintained a remembered and not subject to any other person.

An advantage of this could be than an individual receives specialist assistance, help or support. A disadvantage of this could be that the information could be biased. Group discussion this a little harder as it is only effective and works properly if everybody gets involved and has a chance to share their thoughts and opinions. In most groups there are some people who talk a lot and some that say very little or nothing at tall. The people that talk a lot may over power the discussion and people may get left out.

This can create an unfair discussion. Away around this could be to pass an object around and the person who hold it is the only that can speak; you could also set a time limit of about 1minute. Written communication is a crucial part of working with in the caring services as it vital to keep records and reports. They must be hand written it is unacceptable to abbreviate words or use informal language. There are many other forms of written communication like letters, voicemail, newspaper and magazine articles. Written communication is very significant to within the business world, one of the main reasons is conformation of sails emails are ok but can be tampered with. Another reason that written communication is key to business is contracts with other business. The Advantages of written communication are:

It is strate to the point and the information is precisely and accurate. Another advantage is that Legal defences trusts written information as thy uses on a regular basis the written information as it pervades valid and trustworthy records. The disadvantages of written communication are: if you were to send a letter to somebody far away the responds would not be instant and may tack a few weeks to be delved. A big disadvantage of written communication is than not every may be able to understand you hand writing. Informal communication is for people who know each other well and maybe be used between those who work closely together on a day to day basis. This form of communication is used with personal conversations.

Informal communication can help build better relationships with the staff you work with. An advantage of Informal communication allows you a variety of words according to the area you live in. For example a few of them things are phrases like hay up duck or you all right love. A disadvantage is you may say a word or sentence mean one thing, but some else might interpreted a have a whole different meaning.

Formal communication is most likely to start with phrases and greetings like “Good Morning, “Good Afternoon” or “how are you today”? It mostly used when communicating with professional people such as lawyers, other examples of this is a nurse talking to patient. Advantages of this form of communication are: that is straight forward and to the point it has no slang or abbreviations. A disadvantage is that people don’t always use plain English so the information could be misinterpreted. Technological communication aids we have may electronically devices to help use communicate with people, most of these devices have change the manner in which we communicate with people, because of some devices we don’t talk with our friends or family as much as we used to we just send an electronically message this could be a text or picture message or email. Telephone amplifier this is device than can be attached to you telephone which can make the incoming calls louder and clearer to hear.

These devices can be attached to either the ear piece of the handset or between the phone and handset only if you handset is detachable. An advantage of this is than is clear and easy to hear what a person is saying to you, a dis advantage is that simple plug in telephones are become less used instead they are being re place with cordless telephones. Mobile phones now days nearly everyone owns a mobile phone. Either a plain and simple phone than just has texts and calls. Or a more advanced phone with lots of feathers like radio, keypad, mp3, touchscreen and apps (applications).

This device has helped change the way we communicate with our friends and family. There are many advantages to owning a mobile phone: you are contactable no matter where you are. Also if you had an accident or saw an accident you would be able to get help. There are a lot of disadvantages for having a phone. Is that they could become a detraction at work. The most common one is than people use them when driving this highly dangerous and Couse a lot of accidents another disadvantage is that the older generation of people struggle to lean and understand how to use them effective and just think they are pointless or a nuisance. Also a bad thing about mobiles is they are always being improved. One other disadvantage is theft.

Social networking sites have changed the way we interact with people. There are many different social networking sites, flicker, hi 5, msn; facebook and twitter the last two are the most commonly known and used. We can talk to friends and their friends but the scary thing is we don’t even know if our friends are how the say they are, so we must be very careful how we talk to people, we must also be careful what we say or write about on social network sites, as what you have said can never be totally removed from the computer hard drive.

The advantages of this form of communication are that you can upload photos and videos. Emails are like electronic letters, they give us a lot of important information. Advantages of emails are they are instant they are cheaper than letters as no postage for the stamp is required, also they are extremely fast compared to traditional letters. Most companies now use emails as it an instant way of advertising as they can email hundreds of people at once. Disadvantages are that you receive scam emails which can place versus onto your computer. Another disadvantage is that some emails clam to be legitimate but scam the user into proving personal information like bank details, and address on a fake website the information is then used for indemnity theft.

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