Controlled assessment: Sainsbury’s transcripts Essay

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Controlled assessment: Sainsbury’s transcripts

In the first transcript ‘store standards’ Joseph and Jason communicate with each other on the shop floor using spontaneous speech . However Jason comes with an agenda. In the second transcript, ‘setting up the meeting’ Jason and joseph are arranging a meeting where they argue a bit about joseph having a meeting with someone else. However Jason warns him that he is to have a meeting with him and he ‘holds the floor’. In the third transcript ‘the appraisal meeting’ Jason and joseph have a meeting where Jason again ‘holds the floor’.Jason: is the manager of the largest Sainsbury’s store in the country which means he has a huge responsibility to make sure the workers have everything in place , staff are dressed neatly and provide people with their needs and wanting’s. Joseph: is a trainee who is training to be a manager in Sainsbury’s and has been working there for more than a year. He has also been supplying people with help and helps set out the food, toys, clothes and much, much more.

The first transcript ‘store standards’ begins with an adjacency pair, Jason and Joseph, greeting each other informally with the use of ‘alright’ and as I have mentioned in the introduction, they are standing on the shop floor which also adds to the informality of the situation. This continues with Joseph’s response of ‘yep, yep, yeah’ which possibly shows that he is nervous. Another place where it possibly shows that he is nervous is when he uses some jargon. Here is some evidence: ‘they’re back of the run (?)’. As the conversation continues to move on, Jason expresses a prosodic feature by telling Joseph about the store standards ‘the standards you set are the standards you get’.

By saying this he is explaining Joseph about how he has to keep the corporative image of the store standards. However joseph does not seem to be listening and Jason gets annoyed and say’s ‘you’re talking to me now.’ Later on in the transcript Joseph corresponds to a paralinguistic feature by ‘laughing’ .This does relate to the subject they are talking about which shows that Joseph might conceivably be annoyed by the subject and might want to change it.

In the second transcript, ‘setting up the meeting’, Jason has come back to the shop floor to arrange a meeting with Joseph. However joseph has to meet another member of staff called Ginger and askes Jason if he has cleared it out with him or not because apparently he has other plans for him; ‘have you spoken to ginger about this? cos he has other plans for me’. This makes Jason bothered and say’s ‘no’ with annoyance and overlaps him and tells him to meet him at halve past twelve.

The third transcript ‘The appraisal meeting’, Jason and Joseph are having a meeting but this time not on the shop floor. The meeting is about Joseph being task focused and not paying attention to others. Jason explains the disadvantages about being task focused while Joseph is agreeing with his mistake and apologising. Later on in the conversation, Jason demonstrates and methodizes (to joseph) how he wants him to work. He also uses a form of spontaneous speech (which is also known as abbreviated language) when he says ‘yeah so I’m driving my double decker bus yeah and I’m the driver cos I’m the leader’.

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