Complete the Ethical Lens Inventory Essay

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Complete the Ethical Lens Inventory

Over the past few years I have been in the ‘finding myself’ phase. I have always been a person to be analytical and constantly working things through in my head. As of recent, I have been meaning to find purpose and meaning for all things humane. I would guess in the pursuit of happiness as they say. I often find myself wanting to reach out and see what I can do in my own pursuit to help others along the way. After taking the Ethical Lens game I can most definitely identify myself with the Rights and Responsibility lens. At a young age, I was attracted to my neighborhood church. I remember waking up to dress and walk myself there, to be around others in the community coming together for united purposes. After reading this specific lens focuses its ideals as said ‘through Nature or given by God’ as the way for man kind to strive to abide. A secondary value of this lens is loyalty. Nowadays, I find myself having to think about how far one should take loyalty.

I have been in many debates on fairness to others. Defending friendships or family to the point where I’ve lost a few friendships from debating what I thought was right in a situation and came off too strong. That point leads to my blind spot, which was identified in this exercise as the ‘Belief that motive justifies method’. Looking back I can agree that I have hurt people unintentionally with what I thought was fair but being too pushy or as said in the inventory, having the risk of being too bossy. Also, I find often have to send myself reminders of not to be so judgemental of others when they don’t live up to the expectations I believe they should have for their lives. Yes I know ‘I have some nerve’. I am glad this was also pointed out as a risk in the inventory as my vice. The Ethical Lens Inventory now solidifies areas in my life that I now know for sure deserves immediate attention if I want to move forward and have succesful relationships. I have never taken an ethical inventory in such detail as this. I am grateful for this experience to identify my strengths and weaknesses in this unique exercise.

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