CanGo Final Report Team Blue Consulting Essay

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CanGo Final Report Team Blue Consulting

The highlighted red answers are the ones that are correct. The simplest way of navigating through this document is to press find and put down a very unique quote from the question on BSG. For example to find the answer for the question below would be the find the quote “companies can expect to sell”. Make sure it is 100% the same question and answers and you will do very well on this quiz. Some questions have similar wording and the question may be further down the document. Another way to navigate the document is via the answers. I strongly suggest though that before you actually do the quiz, just skim through the questions and familiarize yourself with the answers as there is a time limit when you actually do the quiz.

BSG Quiz 2 is substantially harder than Quiz 1, this quiz also brings about the introduction of what I view as “concept” questions. These are questions that can be asked in several different ways, but is more or less the same concept. For example exchange rate questions are important in testing your knowledge in BSG, and they can be asked in a variety of different ways. For some of the questions that can be conceptualized in different ways I have written a few notes that helped me figure out the answer when I encountered it in another form and it is usually those balance sheet questions because BSG is very particular (sometimes illogical) in how they calculate their values. If you find the odd quiz Answers that isn’t in the bank, please copy and paste it in an email and highlight it in red and send it to me. I hope you enjoy your purchase!

Based on information on the Help screen for the Marketing and Admin Report (see the section on Administration Expenses), which of the following statements regarding your company’s administrative costs is false? The company’s accounting system allocates all administrative expenses to branded footwear; no administrative expenses are allocated to private-label footwear. Administrative expenses are allocated to each region based on each region’s percentage of total companywide branded sales; thus, if 24% of the company’s branded sales are in Asia-Pacific, then AsiaPacific is allocated 24% of companywide administrative expenses. Within a region, administrative expenses are allocated between online branded sales and wholesale branded sales based on their respective proportion of total branded sales in the region; thus if 80% of total branded sales in a region were sales to area retailers, then 80% of the region’s total administrative expenses would be allocated to the wholesale segment and 20% would be allocated to the Internet segment.

The “Other Corporate Overhead” category of administrative costs always averages $1 per pair of plant capacity (not including overtime); other Corporate Overhead changes by $1 per pair in the same year as any new plant capacity comes online (new or used) and in the same year that any capacity is sold off to the merchants of used footwear-making equipment.

Administrative costs are allocated between branded production and private-label production according to their respective percentages of total pairs sold.thus, if 65% of the total pairs sold are branded then 65% of annual administrative costs are allocated to branded footwear.

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