Assignment for the Informative Speech Essay

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Assignment for the Informative Speech

An Informative Speech is a speech that defines, describes, or explains a concept or idea, process or function; and occasionally, a thing, person or place. 1. Select a subject interesting to you and instructive for your audience. You will prepare a 6 minute informative speech on this subject. Speeches outside the time limit will receive a penalty. 2. The speech should include: a. an introduction which includes all five elements of a good introduction; b.

an organized body with two or three main points which are supported by evidence from qualified sources; c. a conclusion which summarizes the main ideas and brings your speech to a natural close for you and your audience; d. transitions throughout the speech to enhance message clarity. 3. You will submit one copy of your outline to your instructor. The outline should be according to the guidelines and free from grammatical, spelling and typing errors. You may use one (1) note card (no larger than 5.

5”x8. 5”) during your speech and this note card may only contain up to 50 words (key words and phrases). Full sentences and paragraphs are not allowed on the note card. Note cards must be turned in at the end of your speech. 4. Visual aids are required for this speech (see Chapter 13 in the textbook and Step 9 handout). Visual aids should reinforce and/or help you illustrate the points in your speech. Ask yourself, “why am I using this? ”, “will it help my audience understand my point?

” You may use the computer and projector in the classroom as well as posters, flip charts, etc. Please remember that food, beverages, guns, ammunition, alcohol and illegal substances are prohibited in the classroom. 5. Use at least two different sources of information. These must be listed in correct bibliographic form at the end of the outline (MLA Format). 6. Speak extemporaneously (from your note card, without reading or memorization). Practice the speech out loud several times before your actual presentation.

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