App – Game changer Essay

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App – Game changer

The creation of iPhone has been regarded as one of the most influential invention in technology industry. The success of iPhone attributed to the concept of apps, which has made the use of phones more accessible. An inclusion of app store containing variety of games and application tools has become a must on smartphones. The rationale of its widely adoption in smartphones will be conferred in the following, and will be discussed how the use of apps innovate the old way accessing different software. This essay will follow by enumerating the leverage in daily life, and the reasons lead to the accomplishment today.

Apps is a game changer since it has changed the traditional access way to application software and developed a new format of video game. The invention of apps allows application such as social networking sites and video-sharing sites become available on phones and can be viewed in a more comfortable way. It is a great breakthrough because websites originally can only be accessed via computer may now visit on smartphone by simply clicking on the app button. This enables application software transforms to a multi-platform and expands the number of audiences. On the other hand, the idea of apps has opened an entirely new market in games, which is app game. The principle of app games is similar with video games, but the less complicated operations appeal a multitude of less technology proficient users to endorse app games.

The success of apps based on the widespread use of smartphones and the rising demand for more options and functions in phone. The fact iPhone went popular alerted the competitors in telecommunication field. Traditional phones have been obsolete gradually and replaced with new models of smartphones that provides an alternative way to connect to the Internet. Furthermore, the market expectations to phone become higher, for instance, hankering an instant response in communicating. To meet the market demand, telecommunication firms are forced to follow to develop different apps in order to attract customers. Examples like WhatsApp is designed to allow communication be done in a faster and economic way. The increase in popularity of social networking sites cannot be neglected also, which creates a huge opportunities for apps to expand its market.

The creation of apps causes long-lasting impacts in social and economy. Socially, communications are enhanced which instant response and updates can be made through apps in any place and time. Not only connecting with family and friends, service apps are also available in app store that products and services can be ordered immediately using apps. Apart from this, playing app game has become a trend due to its simple control and convenience. Candy Crush is one of the instances, which had once a vogue to download and play. It is foreseeable that another Candy Crush will appear in the near future. Economically, apps creates many economic opportunities. Apps on app store are often charged with a price. By uploading their apps to app store, programmers who are excellent in writing apps can be rewarded, which motivate people to innovate new apps continuously. Therefore, it is believed that an abundant of apps will be launched constantly.

To sum up, this essay has explained how apps has made a crucial advancement in daily life in which to fulfill customer’s expectation and requirement. Apps has made smartphones practical and easily accessible, and developed a novel form of game playing, which builds an irreplaceable position in telecommunication business. Information technology companies like Apple and Samsung keep updating the variety and number of apps in app store so as to compete one another in the competitive digital world. It is predictable that various types of apps will subsequently put on market with the purpose of making the costumers in favor on their high-tech products.


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