A Bad Experience and What I Learned From It

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A Bad Experience and What I Learned From It

When my dad asked if I wanted to participate in a recital contest, which was citywide, I agreed without hesitation. I was a proud peacock thinking that it was impossible for me not to win, so I neglected practicing. But when I turned on the microphone, I was faced with a problem: What was the stunning opening line that I used to start speeches with? I was too arrogant to start with the common “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” when I really couldn’t think of anything else. So there I stood, face ashen, eyes wide, holding on to the last hope that the lines would pop up. They didn’t, and the bell rang. I walked miserably off stage, trying hard not to trip to retain what little dignity I had left. The audience was quiet, and I was not used to it. Well goes the say,” No pain, no gain.” Were it not for the loss, I wouldn’t know the importance and essentiality of previous drills and being humble. Since then, I always make sure I practice till the last minute for anything that is to come.


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