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Сlimate change essay

Climate change is the most significant challenge to achieving sustainable development and threatens to drag thousands of people to severe poverty. It refers to any outstanding measures of climate lasting for an extended period of time. This includes major changes in temperature, precipitation or winds patterns and others that occur several days longer. Some Caribbean islands in particular are vulnerable to climate change. Rising sea levels will have a consequential and dampening effect on their economy and livelihood. Climate change can damage coral reefs, reduce land source for agriculture and alter the fishing industry. A study shows that the World Bank states that if the see continues to rise at this rate countries will be mostly affected at a global level by climate change in 2050. The rising of sea level will also wreak havoc. A few possible consequences of rising sea levels are , firstly , billons spent on adaption. For example the U.S has roughly 20,000km of coastline and 32,000km of wetlands. A recent study showed that the estimated cost of adapting to even a one meter, the rise of sea level in the U.S will cost up to U.S $156 billion dollars. Secondly, within a meter the rise of sea level in some islands would be submerged.

A Pacific island name Kiribati, in early 2005 have gone under the waves ,inundated by a high spring tide that washed away farmland , wells which were once pure water was contaminated, land homes and other facilities were lost. Lastly, cities will end up below sea level, which will meritably displace and cause massive economic damage. Higher sea defenses becomes impractical an even the wealthiest of nations will see cities destroyed due to floods. A sustainable development is to introduce water sports. Water sports can have a positive force on people in trms of health and recreation. It can provide social benefits for billions of people around the world. There can be an increase of tourism revenue, therefore providing the economy with an income and continue or start infrastructural development in the country. We as a country as well can host international competitions. These competitions, games and tournaments can run through the year.

The level of poverty will reduce due to the creation of employment.in the health sector; this can lead to a healthy lifestyle which can prevent diseases and such to affect a person throughout his or her life. Really and truly no one of us here today will like to live a life full of diseases and pain. Through water sports people can also increase their stamina and strength. Ladies you better want to join a swimming class now because this can help you shed a few of those extra pounds. Lastly we as a country can achieve social integration. In this process we as a republic can adopt, accept and facilitate new cultures and traditions. We can make our country diversified into a multi culture country. Secondly climate change can cause hurricanes, tropical storms and tornados to become more intense, therefore they are longer lasting, unleashing stronger winds and causing additional mutilation to coastal ecosystems and communities.

The main offender is advanced ocean temperatures, since tropical storms and hurricanes get their strength in warm waters. As sea surface temperatures rise, developing storms will accumulate more strength. Many scientists believe the broad premise that a hotter climate likely contributes to the increase in the strength of any hurricane or storm, which is previously underway and intensify. There is also abstruse evidence that sea level rising is another product of climate change which can therefore contribute to a higher risk of treacherous hurricanes and storm surges. They are like giant heat engines. They transfer latent heat energy from the ocean to the atmosphere transforming some of it into mechanical energy in the process: the maelstrom of hurricane winds and giant waves. “High sea surface temperatures lead to the evaporation of moisture which provides fuel for the storm. Then it gives up the latent heat {power of the storm}.

Together they provide for stronger storms. This evidence is very clear,” says Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist at the NOAA’s {National Center for Atmospheric Research in, Boulder Colorado. Tragic consequences of hurricanes and storms are such as: floods, loss of homes, facilities and loss of friend’s family and relatives. A sustainable development that can be introduced is to provide facilities where citizens can go for assistance after storms or hurricanes. This is where people can go to the facilities and receive assistance in these tragic times. In the after math of a storm, in each community, firstly should have a natural disaster team whereby they can come to the rescue during these times of need. In this way they must have medical equipment, the basic necessities. They should have place for storage items such as foods, bottled water, medical supplies, clothing and money. They must have meetings with the general public to let them know how to contact them and ask for assistance.

Lastly, climate change affects the water availability and water demand. Sufficient supply of freshwater is essential for almost everything in this world. Population growth will increase the demand for water and at the same time, climate change will affect the freshwater availability. For example there are less water in parts of the United States of America and Asia – more in parts of Europe. The ISI – MIP results indicate that in the Western, United States, Southern Europe and parts of Asia, climate change lowers freshwater availability. Subsequently, this may lead to challenges for the agriculture sector, and food production. The ISI – MIP experts of water resources, ecosystems, agriculture energy and analyzing projections with the sector. The experts study the effects of climate change of two to five degrees in climate change.

Appalling consequences are such as an unclean environment, mosquito nesting areas and so forth. A sustainable development for this can be to preserve water in a community tank. If people in the community give a fair amount of water from their daily supply for storage in the community, when a drought arrives each person from the community can receive sufficient water to sustain them for a drought. During this period of time the political leader of his or her constituency should appoint a person to distribute the water equally in his or her constituency. Therefore that person can make a table on when he or she gets water and when to cut off there supply and send to another person.

This way life as we know it will be cleaner and preserved. In conclusion to my essay climate change affects us human beings in so many ways. There can be more I can add but these three points I wrote today in my essay was very intriguing to me. I quote from Al Gore “As human beings, we are vulnerable to confusing the unprecedented with the improbable. In our everyday experience, if something has never happened before, we are generally safe in assuming it is not going to happen in the future, but the exceptions can kill you and climate change is one of those exceptions.” Climate change shouldn’t be taken for a joke. Earth is our home. Take care of it , because one day to come we will have no land to live on.



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