Еhe situation at the airport Essay

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Еhe situation at the airport

The heart rate increases the second you entry the terminal. There is a continuous sound of cheerful chatter, luggage wheels gently rolling across the cobalt blue floor, and mobile phones ringing. There are different emotions on everyone as you walk past, some people are depressed, excited or stressed out.

The cue is long because it’s the early hours in the afternoon; the security grads are comfortably waiting for the passengers to place their properties in the security check tray. Each security uniforms display a shining gold badge that catches the eye; it’s so bright you have to wear sun glasses to look at the badge. The security grads are standing straight and are eager and delighted to help the next traveller.

A mother and her child are joyfully placing their properties in the security check tray. The little boy was obviously dressed to see someone special; wearing a dark blue jacket, a green and grey striped shirt underneath, his trousers are clean but you can recognize they have been worn a couple of times and he has spent much time on his knees probably playing with his bright yellow racing car he is now happily placing in the tray which is now passing through the security check.

He jumps eagerly as the scanner beeps, a sigh of relief as the boy got his yellow car back. As the time gets closer for takeoff, the more pressure; you just can wait to get on the plane but the time is dragging is like watching a snail run a marathon. I hear two business men behind me chatting about the weather in New York and the possibility of a snow.

The disturbance of an airplane at a takeoff and the smell of an aircraft fuel. Young children listening to music on their mp3 player some even singing it out loud and playing video games as they wait for their gate to open. Voice on the public address announcing that flight 1907 is now boarding at gate A28. A Multiple of Billboards adverting different type of things the most eye catching one is the toothpaste billboard, because the man is beating of the billboard and the billboard is half done.

It makes it clear that Formula tooth care gives you really strong teeth. Several people where admiring the art work as they took pictures of the billboard.

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