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The dramatic presentation of justice and morality in The Crucible Essay

Sin and Struggle is one of the most common things we can come across in our life. This concept of Sin and Struggle is presented very dramatically in the play of The Crucible. The play describes the fury mass hysteria, which took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and shows people’s self-centred attitude. The dictionary definition of sin is any serious offence, as against a religious or moral principle. As The Crucible is set in a very strict Puritan community, anything, which is done as an offence will be regarded as a sin against Christianity.

In the play, there is verification that there are struggles within the community and within characters themselves. Examples of these characters are John Proctor. Proctor is unable to agree with Danforth or his inner self and is a character that will go to any extent to prove what he says is right. In the other case, Mary Warren is incapable of standing in opposition to Abigail in the courtroom. The other main sources of dispute are also land, money, and religion. For example, Giles Corey and Thomas Putnam have an argument over private land.

In the play of The Crucible, the first sin we come across is dancing. The event occurs when Betty, Abigail, and her friends are dancing and conjuring up spirits in the wood with Tituba. According to Puritan Law, neither children nor anyone are admitted to dance. You can see that in the final court scene. DANFORTH: “What is this dancing? “(Act 3) You can see from this that dancing is a forbidden sin. The main event from the damnation is the sin of lechery between John Proctor and Abigail.

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We come to know this from Abigail and Proctor’s secret meeting. This is also the main sparking event for the witchcraft, which took place. You could say that this sin is the catalyst. The sin of lechery then triggers a lot of resentment between Elizabeth and Abigail. Therefore, many events after this are always to get rid of Elizabeth so she could fulfil her dreams with John Proctor. As this spell casting and witchcraft led to more and more dilemma, false accusations were starting to be made.

The main cause of this complication is Betty Parris. She is in some sort of coma and that is when Parris calls for Reverend hale who is intellectual in witchcraft. Parris was not popular member in the community and he is a severe man who said that his ministry is much more important than his daughter’s life. Now that Abigail does not want the blame, false accusations were made. This is an advantage for Parris because this meant he was able to defend himself from other reverend’s fallacious talk. E

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