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Zionism Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Between Shtetl and Salon: Jewish Women in Vienna 1900

Alison Rose’s pioneering monograph Jewish Women in Fin de Siecle Vienna charts new territory on the familiar waters of Vienna 1900. Since the publication of Carl Schorske’s compelling series of cultural historical essays (Fin-de-siecle Vienna: Politics and Culture [1980]), a model that attributed an efflorescence of modern art, literature, and science in the Austrian capital circa 1890-1914 to the disillusioned sons of liberalism, historians have revised and expanded aspects of the Schorskean “failure of liberalism” paradigm. A number of recent works have corrected Schorske’s neglect of the distinctly Jewish character of Viennese modernism, highlighting the prevalence of Jewish patronage of modern art, contributions to literature, philosophy, and psychology, and even proposing that notions of Jewish enlightenment, or Haskalah, stamped the…

Should Israel be viewed as a state for Jews or a Jewish State

What do you think are the key issues at stake in the discussion within the Jewish world over whether the modern State of Israel should be understood as a state for Jews or a Jewish state? Is it posbbile for it both to be a ‘Jewish and Democratic state’. The two main viewpoints are split between those of the secular Zionists that believe the Jews have a right to self determination, and therefore need a safe haven to be protected from damaging anti semitic attacks that can cause many attrocities, such as the holocaust. The religious zionists agree with the secular zionists, but go further and believe that religious be-liefs should be encorporated in the state. They do not believe…