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YouTube Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Zara’s global strategy

Introduction This report analyzes the internationalization and the global business model of Zumba Fitness project. The first section provides the interpretation of Zumba’s internationalization explaining what internationalization model was chosen. The second part emphasizes the success of Zumba’s business model. Data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. The report finishes off with a short conclusion on the success of Zumba’s project. The internationalization of Zumba There are three major models of internationalization: Uppsala internationalization model Transaction cost analysis model Network model Initially Uppsala internationalization model fitted best the internationalization of Zumba. Zumba’s Uppsala internationalization model was based on: experiential learning and incremental decision-making process This confirmation can be proved by: The original plan of Zumba fitness was…

Dell, Where is the Beginning?

INTRODUCTION This paper mainly provides an overview and evaluation of Dell’s most recent marketing and communication campaigns since the company completed its go-private transaction on October 29, 2013 (“Dell completes go-private,” 2013). Specifically, the “Dell Beginnings” campaign and the Dell “Learning Meets Doing” campaign are going to be analyzed in this article. Guided by the framework of the four types of integrations, this paper has found that both campaigns have generally achieved the consistency across execution, across media and have put efforts into the connection across media and blending of content. The two campaigns themselves, however, are not very much integrated with each other. This would possibly lead to some confusion among the general audience about its brand identity. Therefore,…