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Young Generation and Heros Essay

When asked of a youth of my generation at a stage in their life between the ages of six and eleven, who is your hero? most adolescence young men will proudly make known without hesitation their father is their principal male character, a man of great strength, shielding and defending from harm or injury, worthy of their confidence.

Likewise, the female counterpart is just as insistent that their mother’s character is befitting a hero, one that protects who has borne a child having the experience to train providing schooling for their children at home.

However, today’s young inexperience persons being in the early stage of life and of either sex will submit for consideration a comic book, movie, or computer game character of distinguishing attributes rather than acknowledging or recognizing community servants such as first responders, firefighters, policemen, doctors or national hero’s such as military men and women.

Of course children remain inspired and justly proud of their parent’s successes or life achievements desiring inwardly to have the same or similar characteristics typical of them.

For instance if a little boy’s father or mother was a police officer they would most likely want to be that when they got older and look up to them as a heroic figures.

Fortunately this period of life between the time of being a child and the time approaching adulthood as pertaining to youth last but a short time, the inevitable end of their trust and confidence in America’s favorite superheroes is just a matter of time as their character, manner, outlook, interests, and appearances become radically different.

Writing to children about who real heroes are is a really difficult task because they are entitled to their youthful indiscreet acts and speech, judgments held with confidence but falling short of a person who has attained the age of maturity.

During this holiday season I am reminded of and recall easily waiting almost unbearably for the arrival of a happy fat man bearing gifts sliding down a fiery chimney with care, wearing an unforgettable red suit.

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