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Xpresso Lube’s service package Essay

1.Describe the Xpresso Lube’s service package?
Xpresso Lube’s service package being unique and first of its kind provides various other services other than lube oil change. It provides for a range of coffees, a waiting area with good interiors, music system and reading material appealing to different interests. In the core area of operations (lube oil change), Xpresso provides an opportunity to the customers to see an anomaly found in their car. It also provided transportation facility to customers.

2.How are the distinctive characteristics of a service operation illustrated by Xpresso Lube?
The distinctive characteristics of service operation illustrated by Xpresso Lube are as given below:-

(a) Emphasis was laid on customer experience at the service station. (b) Comfortable waiting rooms, coffee and music highlighted the aesthetics aspect (c) Employed lifts instead of pits to facilitate the customers having a look at the problems in their cars (d) Provided transportation which ensured that the customers were not worried about their commuting while their car was being serviced (e) The customers were presented with correct facts and honesty on part of the station was paramount.

4.What elements of Xpresso Lube’s location contribute to its success?

The various geographical factors which contribute to Xpresso Lubes success are:-

1. A thriving business community
2. Xpresso Lube’s location on a main street near the university attracts a broad spectrum of customers
3. Close proximity of Xpresso Lube to local shops where people can visit while their cars are being serviced.

5.Given the example of Xpresso Lube, what other services could be combined to “add value” for the customer?

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