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Xerox Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Case Study – Xerox

This case describes the visioning process at Xerox Canada. The chairman, CEO and president of Xerox Canada have been meeting with her leadership team since eight o’clock in the morning to craft the organization’s new vision statement. Three and a half hours into the meeting the team hits a road block. With 30 minutes left in the session, the CEO must decide whether and how to proceed. First let us list what McGarry has done correctly prior to the visioning process meeting: 1. Understanding of the old vision/culture: Here we can say that McGarry has a good insight of the old culture prevailing within the Xerox Canada through her coast to coast traveling in order to meet and learn the…

Clendin Case Analysis

OD Session 6: John A. Clendenin/ Xerox Case Introduction (from John A. Clendenin Case): Clendenin’s father was black army officer then draftsman in aviation industry, mother was from Germany In 1960, father lost job and Clendenin was moved from Long Island to Queens to get welfare; was in culture shock and had to fight for themselves Went to Brooklyn Tech, a special city high school then to State Univ. of NY in Fredonia Tried to change habits, made varsity cross-country team and was placed in scholarship Majored in childhood education and socially active, became kindergarten teacher in Bronx Enlisted in Marines a year later, progressed through the ranks and realized that he was smart and athletic as anyone else Left…