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Xenophobia Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Xenophobia: Racism and Different Cultures

Xenophobia is certainly a big problem in modern society. Every continent, country, and citizen of the world has to face this problem every day. Many actions are taken by organization anti-racism and anti-discriminations, but unfortunately not everybody is as open-minded as the members of these groups. The close contact between people from different cultures or different ethnic groups has always a different outcome, depending on how open minded the two or more people are. Most people think that “white” people are the most averse and the most closed-minded, and the ones that do not always want to mix with other cultures. This is not always true, as I have personal experience where different ethnic groups were quite skeptic about having…

Understanding the process of exclusion in South Africa

Understanding the process of exclusion in South Africa: Xenophobia In this essay I will discuss the process of exclusion in South Africa with regards to Xenophobia. I will be looking at three case studies that focus on Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. These are important cities to look at as they are the renounced and very influential and well known cities in South Africa. Cape Town currently the legislative capital of South Africa and historically a pit stop of the slave trade route is a very important city to look at because the history of foreign refugees and immigrants run deep. Johannesburg is currently the business hub of South Africa however historically known as the hub of violent freedom protest…