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Written Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Oral or written argument

Given that the ideas can not be truly and completely explained by words, one have to recognize that every oral or written argument ever told or explained is inherently subjective. Therefore, every fact described by a human is an opinion, and every opinion is somehow a fact. Thusly, every word should be considered from two points of view: from the point of view of fact and from the point of view of opinion. This relates to the testimony before the court as well. Every judge should realize, that even the most honest person can interpret the facts wrongfully or simply mistake. Moreover, even the judge himself is not free from subjectivity, although the level of objectivity is one of the…

Written Critique

The above article applies to financial management in terms of attaining the objective of financial management, which is to maximize the wealth of stockholders Brigham and Houston, 2002). The case fact admits the “pay-for-performance schemes offer potential benefits to shareholders in the form of reducing agency cost by better aligning shareholder and managerial interests. ” By analogy, reducing agency costs is one of the concerns of financial management because of possible conflict of personal goals with shareholder wealth maximization and managerial compensation is one of the specific mechanisms to motivate managers to act in the shareholders’ interest. The case fact further admits that said “systems offer benefits and risks that must be addressed if a system is to be effective”,…