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Writings Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Old Testament-Writings

Our world today has many books within reach, both fiction and nonfiction. However, does a person fully understand what the author is trying to convey in their meaning and message to the audience? The same goes with the Bible, particularly, Lamentations, which is found in the Old Testament Scriptures. An individual has to understand where the book originated from, and what each chapter implies as well as what message the author was trying to convey then and now. Origin Title The word Lamentations means to weep, and the sorrow, which was caused “by the destruction of the city of Jerusalem by the Babylonian army in 587. ” (Reyburn, 1992). Authorship According to tradition, many believe that Jeremiah wrote Lamentations, which…

Early Christian Writings

In the beginning of IV century Arius announced that the Father is the only one veritable God, and the Son is His creation. Son was created from nothing, but He has an advantage over the other people, because He was created before time and centuries. Arius teaching is one of the forms of subordination, – a teaching about subordination of the Son to the Father, and the Saint Spirit to the Son. Arius has the following positions: 1. Logos had the beginning of his being (?? ???? ??? ??? ?? , erat, quando non erat), because in other case there wouldn’t be any monarchy. In such case could be possible a diarchy (two principles), because He wouldn’t be the Son,…