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Writing Process Check Point Essay

The writing process I read about in this class differs from the processes that I have used in the past, in that I have never used on purpose in-text citations. I do not like the look of papers that have citations in text they break my concentration when I am reading. I am trying to use them more in papers because the instructors want them, and they do make the paper look better.

I always use mind-mapping, listing, and free writing. The listing and mind-mapping steps are the easiest for me to complete, and they get my mind completely focused on the task at hand. I list by making a very informal ugly outline, and that is my first step. A teacher would not credit my outlines, but they help me get my thoughts in order so that my paper flows better. Mind-mapping I do by hand with pencil and paper, I put my main idea in the middle of the page, and then draw anything related to the topic on the page in little bubbles.

The step that is the most difficult for me is designing a thesis statement that grabs the attention of the audience, includes everything my paper is about. The thesis statement is something that I have never tried to do, so it is a little scary. I will be able to overcome this obstacle over thesis statements in this class when we learn about them. I know after that week I will be able to make a proper thesis statement for my final project.

Reference Page:

Steps in the Writing Process, Axia College Material

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