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Writing for Various Audiences Essay

How do you earned respect? Respect according to the author is not what you dictate, but it is about your attitude. Firstly, respect is earned when you give respect to others. In an organization or the business world one need to earned respect from his subordinates by respecting them. The managers or owners do earned respect by respecting opinions, time, and the work that others do. Secondly, if you have not earned respect, you can recreate respect.

You can recreate respect by getting your employees opinions and getting your employees involve into the company activates by respecting what they have to do. You can also earned respect again by having a positive attitude towards your subordinates and their reports. To conclude, respect is very important for communication and business improvement, to earn it we all need to give it, whether the person is old, small, young, rich or poor.

From my observation and the work I have done, it is not difficult to change voice, once you can think critically has mention in your notes or the book it becomes easy to change voice. There are so many differences between a business writing and scholarly writing, but the main difference is the audience according to Claremont Graduate University.

For business writing it is business and for scholarly writing it is academic. For business it is about giving a specific information to specific people such as employees, co-workers, supervisors, shareholders, etc. while for scholarly writing it is a collection of different information base on research and own idea. This is done by students, classmates, professors for the use of various audience and it is use by journals, schools and different professionals. Business writing is shorter and give direct instructions or analysis while scholarly writing is longer and it expresses your own understanding and it is more involve.

As I stated earlier there so much but just to name a few. Scholar writing can help to support managerial writing by giving out information base on facts, have a change of tone, and to have a good communication skills. It also help with the literature or grammar has a hold. It gives the managerial writing more edge in the business world. References Respect: You have to earn it before you get it. BY: FEUER, MICHAEL. SMART BUSINESS ATLANTA. FEB2010, VOL.

7 ISSUE 3, P30-30. 1P. SUBJECTS: IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT; DECISION MAKING; INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS; RESPECT; COMMUNICATION styles http://web. b. ebscohost. com. ezp. waldenulibrary. org/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer? vid=9&sid=31f51000-7957-4109-9435-45c186e00b7a%40sessionmgr114&hid=121 May, C. B & May, S. G, Effective Writing, A handbook for Accountants, 10th edition. Claremont Graduate University DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BUSINESS AND ACADEMIC WRITING http://www. cgu. edu/PDFFiles/Writing%20Center/Writing%20Center %20Resources/Business%20vs%20Academic%20Writing. pdf.

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