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Wounds That Can Not Be Stitched Essay

I learned that sometimes you think your over things in your life until you see that actual person that has caused a fear in your life. It was upsetting to me that this man did not get any serious punishment for DWI and hit this family. That how did even have the nerve to get back behind the will after the tragedy he caused. It made me made when people were making excuses for him. He had the nerve to say to her at the end did I scare you oh, that really ticked me.

As he staggered from his vehicle, he looked at me and asked drunkenly, “Did I scare you?” It made me mad. How can he dare ask a question like that when he damn their killed her mom, brother, and sister. Her daughter was standing outside to. I would imagine that would be very upsetting to her especially the stuff her family had been through. I think the writer was very heated and probably wanted to beat him up.

That some people don’t understand what they did caused pain and hurt. Some people never learn. Now and then I’d see his name in court log of our local paper for another DWI. As he staggered from his vehicle, he looked at me and asked drunkenly, “Did I scare you?” He kept repeating that he’d did nothing wrong.

Yes she was an intelligent source to discuss this piece with. She had an essay that appeared in Newsweek. The incident had caused her to write the essay The Wound That Can’t Be Stitched Up. That she used the sixth edition of Models for Writers to help her learn how to write.

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