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World War II Essay

This historical event would perhaps be considered as the event where the position of the United States as a global power laid its foundation. The most prominent incident in which the United States became known for during this era was the development of atomic bomb and utilized this to bomb Japan’s two major cities. In developing these weapons during and after the Second World War, the American economy somehow benefited from ammunition production.

The entry of the United States in the Second World War was during the time when the country was slowly recovering from the Great Depression. The necessity for weapons opened numerous factories for production. Most of the males were being deployed to serve in the military and for this reason; women and African-Americans were given the work to fill the labor gap (Matthaei, 1996, p. 173). The production of weapons provided opportunities for America to prosper economically despite the war and the post-war era led the country for further economic growth.

The Second World War hugely affected the foreign policy of the United States. Before WWII, the U. S. maintained a regional affair working closely with other countries as more of a neutral nation. However, during the Second World War – more specifically after the Pearl Harbor bombing – it established its allies with the likes of Great Britain and France to fight against the Axis of Powers.

This alliance would further position the U. S. as a global power most especially during the Cold War era. The U. S. ook a globalist stance in its foreign policy where the expansion of national security and the public broadly supported for American interventionism in pursuing war effort (Rosati, Hagan, and Sampson, 1994, p. 241). The Second World War II became the door for the United States to rise as a global power. The opportunities that opened during the height of the war improved the conditions of the United States which was suffering from the economic setbacks. The events of the WWII can be considered as a fortuitous incident that made the United States what it is today.

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