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Worksheet: Give Your Classroom First Impressions Essay

Save this worksheet to your computer with the filename “Your_Name_Exercise_1.”

Complete the table by doing the following:

Fill in the table by adding your answers to each question.

Submit the completed worksheet as an attachment via the Assignment tab.

Questions About Classroom First Impressions

Your Answers

Have you used another online learning platform? If so, how does the Classroom compare? If not, what are your first impressions? No, I haven’t used any online learning platform besides this one. I find the platform to be user friendly and very well structured and most importantly it simplifies the student’s course organization. Which features of the Classroom seem the most useful?

The Student Connect and the Syllabus that allows you to track your learning activities. What are the functions and features of the To Do This Week Carousel? The Week Carousel shows all discussions and messages including private and classroom ones. In addition to that, it also shows assignments and learning activities for the week along with their current statuses. Any completed assignment or learning activity is checked and shown as completed. What do you think of the electronic Syllabus?

The electronic Syllabus is very helpful, not only is it constantly available, we can actually update it with completed checks for assignments and learning activities as we go.

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