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Workhouse Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How Were Workhouses Run so That Only Those in Need of Genuine Help Would Apply

Workhouses, tried many things to stop those in need of help applying for help; this was because they soon became to expensive to run which is why the owners of the workhouse began to try to put the public off applying for help. I am going to cover all of the main reasons that tell you why the poor were ‘put off’. To begin, the workhouses soon introduced separation, they had different classifications. These were: Infirm men, able-bodied men and youths above fifteen, boys above the age of seven and under fifteen, infirm women, able-bodied women and girls above fifteen, girls above the age of seven and under fifteen and children under seven (however they were allowed in the same…

Charles Dickens and the Victorian Era

The writer Charles Dickens created some of the most memorable fictional stories and is generally regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian period. He managed to represent features that were characteristic of this period. A clear example of this is ‘The Signalman” which was written by the author in 1865 and was based on a signalman who worked with the steam trains. There are two aspects of this work that portray the Victorian period. One distinctive aspect is the use of the supernatural device and the other is the use of the prejudices which were typical from this time. One important aspect in the story that gives a picture of the Victorianism is the use of the supernatural device….