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Woods Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Economics. Exchange rate to the larger country’s currency

•A managed floating exchange rate refers to (an exchange rate that is not pegged, but does not float freely) •A small country with strong economic ties to a larger country should (PEG ((HARD OR SOFT)) THEIR EXCHANGE RATE TO THE LARGER COUNTRY’S CURRENCY) •An increase in the real exchange rate (real depreciation of domestic currency) will result in (AN INCREASE IN NET EXPORTS) •China has pegged its currency against the U.S. dollar. If demand for dollars decreases (THERE IS PRESSURE FOR THE U.S. DOLLAR TO DEPRECIATE. IN THIS SETTING, CHINA HAS TO PURCHASE DOLLARS TO MAINTAIN ITS PEG) •Consider Figure 10.4, “Supply and Demand in the Foreign Exchange Market.” If U.S. demand for the British pound decreases, in the long…