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Women’s rights Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Claim of English women to the Suffrage Constitutionally Considered

1.Classification a.Text type: This is an article published in the “Westminster Review” in 1867. b.Cultural and historical background: It dates back to 1867, Victorian period (1837-1901), which corresponds with the reign of Queen Victoria. This was an extremely exciting period, sometimes called “the second British Renaissance”. It was published after the amendment to the Bill presented by John Stuart Mill, backed up by 1500 signatures, including some of the most remarkable women at that time. His petition for women’s suffrage was rejected. c.Author: Helen Taylor was born in 1831. Her mother, Harriet Taylor, was particularly politically active, supporting women’s rights. As John Stuart Mill’s step-daughter, Helen helped him with his books and articles after her mother’s death. In 1865 Mill…

The Change of the Rights and Freedoms of Australian Women over the Past 100 Years

The progression of the rights and freedoms of women has changed drastically over the past 100 years. Women have felt the need to stand up for their rights and change the traditional stereotype of women from, weak and unambitious to strong and determined beings. There were two main time periods where their rights were recognized throughout Australia. The first took place in the early 20th century, where women rallied for the rights to vote and stand for elections. The second took place in the 1960s and 1970s, when traditional roles of women were challenged. The third aspect that will also be looked at in this essay, are influential women in the two time periods that made the rights and freedoms…

The Women’s Liberation Movement

The Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM) has shaped the changing rights and freedom of women in Australia since the late 1960’s. The Movement aimed to overturn the idea that women were inferior to men and to make society see women as people who could control their own lives. The Women’s movement sought to bring about change for women in a society that called for long overdue change. In Australia, the 1960s was an era characterised by questioning of the political, economic, and social status quo. It was a decade of protest and many people demanded changes to society’s organisation and priorities. Women became more aware of the different ways in which society limited their freedom and ignored their rights. They are…