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Women Are Better Driver Than Men Essay

There are valid reasons that women are better drivers than men. Firstly, women drive more carefully than men. According to a research at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, 70 percent of serious car crashes is linked to men even if women had a higher number of minor accidents like a fender bender. Therefore women take the wheel more safely and prudently.

Secondly, women obey traffic regulations better than men do. They generally fasten their seat belts, observe the traffic signal and hardly get caught for driving under the influence (DUI). In a study released by an analytics company, Quality Planning, the ratio of men to women for seatbelt violation is 3. 08:1, for DUI is 3. 09:1 and for signal violation is 1. 53:1. Finally, women are better at parking a car than men.

It is true that most people, even women themselves, think women drivers are bad at lining up a car. In contrast, the National Car Parks, the U. K. ’s largest parking lot operator, studied 2,500 UK drivers and they concluded women held a dominant position in most categories including appropriate space finding speed, good or very good ‘pre-parking pose’. In conclusion, it is time to throw out the ineradicable prejudice that women are vulnerable drivers.

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