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Women and gender studies Essay

In WGS101 (Introduction to Women and Gender Studies), we have seen many examples in the news that have related to theories and issues from the textbook and from lecture (e.g. homophobia with pasta ads; genetic testing of athletes). This assignment is your opportunity to identify an issue in the news (Canada or the world) concerning women and/or gender and build an essay around it.


Identify an issue in the news and specify its historical context (when) and location (where) and the power relationships involved (how and what). Formulate a thesis and connect it to theories and ideas found in course readings and lecture. What is the connection to course themes? What are the relevant facts? Cite these when you use them. What Textbook or Atlas information can you add to support your thesis? Find additional sources to support your thesis; cite them.

Formulate a conclusion

Essays should demonstrate what you have learned from the lectures, readings and your own research with additional sources. Integrate these ideas into a well written, organized and analyzed essay. Three pages, double-spaced, 15%.

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