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Wisdom and Action Scenario Essay

1. In this case the known facts are that the volunteer director applied for help from different agencies to help provide a salary for a needed part-time employee for help within their organizations. The fact is the director received 3 times more than was expected. An the other known fact was out of the three agencies only two required that these donation be used for the manner in which it was requested for.

2. In this ethical dilemma the potential stakeholders would be the agencies, and the director and the organization new part-time employee.

3. For advice, and consultation, and input I think the best thing to do would be to thank all three agency for assisting in their contribution. I would also explain each avenue on why it was very important for this donation which was to help get the extra needed help to help their communities in which we assist.

4. In this dilemma I think that it is best to do what the money was given for and that is to support the new salary of the new part-time employee.

5. In this dilemma the outcome for good is that the community will get the needed extra help to the support their needs. Now the bad could be that the money would be used for other things besides what it was needed for.

The forces in which needs to be considered is that it is this organization civil obligation to be honesty and truthful on what the purpose of this money is for and apply to the part-time position in which they request the money and following the values and a moral code to in which this organization will stand by.

My civil obligation is to do right by the money which was given to our establishment and not defraud these agencies in which contributed these funds.

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