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Wind Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A Little Bit of Truth Essay

For a week, six days in a row I went snowboarding. It was then that I thought where did the snow come from. At first I thought of “god” but of course there were no gods there are only spirits! So later on that day I thought of a weird and crazy Native American story. It had a little bit of truth with some personifications and a weird and crazy reason for why things were. So this is it. When the world was created the sheep said to their mother cow, “Why is there always rain we want something warmer”? The big, fat, and ugly mother cow snorted with her big partly abomination snout. Then she spoke with her vampire…

“Ode to The West Wind” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

I chose the poem Ode to The West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley because I was attracted to the many images Shelley painted in the poem. Nature is a very interesting and powerful force and the way Shelley portrays it in this poem really caught my attention. Shelley also emphasizes the importance of words and their potential impact on a society if shared. This is a concept I found quite intriguing. In my research, I found that when Shelley wrote this poem he was visiting Italy. Throughout the poem, I noticed many references to Italy such as his account of the “blue Mediterranean” and Baiae’s bay in stanza III. I also noticed a large theme surrounding the topic of death…

Natural Disaster

When I watched News on the TV, suddenly coming breaking news about disasters. Many disaster exist in the world. Such as earthquakes, hurricane, and other etc. we called natural disaster. My questions start this point. Why disaster only explained by natural disasters? Those disasters only related with natural disaster? If natural disaster coming by difference reason like man-made, did we make any confusion between natural disaster and man-made disaster? Natural Types of Disasters Agricultural diseases & pests Damaging Winds Drought and water shortage Earthquakes Emergency diseases (pandemic influenza) Extreme heat Floods and flash floods Hail Hurricanes and tropical storms Landslides & debris flow Thunderstorms and lighting Tornadoes Tsunamis Wildfire Winter and ice storms Sinkholes This chart from ( Restore Your…