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Why the mobile phone is important device Essay

‘The mobile phone has become an indispensable accessory in most people’s lives’. Explain why the mobile phone is now such an important device.’

Nowadays, we always face a situation that everyone is holding a mobile phone in everywhere. Maybe someone is texting and someone is playing games. So, is it meaning the mobile phone has become an indispensable accessory in most people’s lives? This essay will focus on the importance of mobile phone.

The definition of ‘mobile phone’ maybe imprecise after some time passes. The meaning of ‘mobile phone’ is just a small machine which is use for communicate with someone at real time before 2008. People are just speaking and listening with other side. But the definition of ‘mobile phone’ is changed along with the invention and popular of ‘Smart phone’ since 2008. ‘Smart phone’ means there are a mount of functions grouped in a small machine. For instance, face to face real time communication, voice message, enjoys the music, photo taking and Internet. The next paragraphs will describe the importance of mobile phone based on 3 aspects.

In the technology aspect, people are related to use mobile phone because there are a mount of functions grouped in a mobile phone. People can use it for communication, text, Internet, recording video. Also, some of the mobile phones are allowed to conduct word processing. That is a treasure for the office workers and students especially. So, this is a portable minicomputer and assistant of everyone.

About the communication aspect, mobile phone provided a great platform for people to build their public relationship. For example, people can access to their Facebook by their mobile phone in everywhere. So that they can communicate with others and update their status without regional restrict. Certainly, they can check the status of their friends and celebrities at any time. Moreover, mobile phone provided various communications ‘App’ for people. Such as Whatsapp, Skype, Wechat and Line. These are significant tools nowadays. It is because people can use these apps to communicate with others without regional restrict at moment to moment. People can text, voice message, share photo or video, share location, share contact, Walkie Talkie and video call in these apps. Therefore mobile phone is now such an important device for everyone.

On the other hand, mobile phone is not just a communication machine nowadays. It is changed to be an accessory with fashion. As the luxury design of the outlook and the higher level of the price, there are a significant of people think that mobile phone is an accessory which can show off their fashion sense. So that is an indispensable accessory in most people’s lives.

Due to the useful and convenient of the mobile phone, it has become an indispensable accessory in most people’s lives. But people should remember that they cannot be engrossed on it.

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