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Why Students Fail in College Essay

Colleges nowadays, admit a large number of students from various backgrounds. The students begin college with many expectations. They aspire to have a better future and face their responsibilities wholeheartedly. Some students enter colleges with specific interests, while others begin their education, clueless of what to major on. These circumstances have led students to a severe situation, with the continuous increase on failures among college students. Today, many arguments were raised over the cause of the increased failure rate among college students.

Lack in the sense of direction, teacher’s dependency, and false over-confidence were some of the causes that contributed to the failure of students in college. To begin with, the population of college students nowadays may seem different as compared to the students from a decade ago. Before, students, even those who have not considered a degree, were encouraged to apply in college, owing to familial and peer pressure. A large group of students accepted in colleges are usually those who have finished secondary schools.

They enter college unprepared, not ready to face the challenges that come with this new situation. High school demands a lot of memorization and regurgitation of lessons. Unfortunately, it failed to teach its students how to critically think, analyze and make use of reasoning, which is a requirement in college. This is the primary reason why a freshman in college finds himself unable to construct a meaningful and concise sentence. These students do not lack the intelligence, but are burdened with the adjustment that come with the shifting from high school to college.

Most students nowadays enter college with a great dependence on feedback for motivation. Schools today, provide nursing and hand holding styles of teaching. The school teachers give everything the students need, to the point of spoon-feeding them with information. The school even provided extra points for reading chapters, taking tests, bringing books to class, and behaving properly. These activities then turn into a pointless and meaningless exercise for students. They prove to be detrimental to the academic standing of the students when they go to college.

Students who fail to read materials in college tend to fail their examinations. There were no exceptions. Even students who excelled in high school may also fail in college, when deprived of the right motivation to study. An even greater problem than the lack in sense of direction or excessive dependency, is the insertion of overconfidence during school years. Students enter college without having their skills evaluated. They become overwhelmed upon receiving low grades in college, making them compare their professor’s assessments with their high school teachers’ praises.

With the lack of constant feedback, spoon-feeding, and adequate preparations needed for college, these students fail their course, eventually making them drop out of the course. Sad, but true. The considerable causes of student’s failures in college, including their lack in sense of direction, their reliance on feedbacks for motivation, and disabling their confidence, have led to the increased failure rate among these students. A change in the education system should be implemented to fix the problem.

One of the solutions I could think of is the bridging of gaps between spoon-feeding associated with high school, and the self-reliance system followed in college. This may be incorporated in the 11th and 12th grades in high school, since this is the turning points in the lives of the students. The “Everybody is a winner” attitude in schools should also be omitted. Students should be given a realistic assessment of their skills and accept their need for intervention. Only through the innovation of the education system, and the students themselves, can a solution be made to help the increasing problem of failures among college students.

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