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Why Nixor? Essay

As I was sitting in my terrace, enjoying the cool breeze, accessing my face book account on my laptop, lurking on my friends’ discussion regarding A levels college, I asked myself, where I should be applying for my next educational destiny? Just then I was sure Nixor should be my first preference. As a matter of fact, not only orientation at the college was pretty convincing but also the faculty members and extra circular activities on the campus motivated me strongly to become a part of Nixor. On the other hand, I always wanted to learn new things in my life. I remember, when ever i used to go out with my friends, we always used to talk about the captions on billboards, roadside advertisements & all one could glance at while sitting in the car or walking.

Every time we get out of bed and start a new day, we are giving our self a new opportunity for experience and learning. Each day that we spend awake is a day unlike any other that has ever been lived or will be lived again. There is nothing which, once learned, serves no purpose; for, even if its only use is repeating it at an apropos time, there is always the chance that we are planting a seed in someone’s mind. A love of knowledge has been sown and now it can only flourish.

Nixor educational programs are the most fascinating to me. The school seems particularly well-suited to motivate individuals who are driven to secure their own success. I have heard excellent things about the Accounts, Economics & Math faculty, and I am enthusiastic about studying with many of the well-known teachers who teach there.

With a restless spirit and a fierce eagerness to learn, I believe I would be a great asset to Nixor’s student body. If accepted, I plan to pursue my education with a new kind of passion, one that becomes stronger for me every day: the passion for independence and learning. I am confident that by admitting me to your college, I will add energy, ambition, and most importantly, a learning attitude to your student population. Take a chance on me and I can assure you, it will prove to be your only “true” choice.

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