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Why is the Rich Superior to the Poor? Essay

There is a significant difference between the rich and the poor. Being wealthy gives you the opportunity to become more secure and independent. However, those in poverty are less likely to be independent because of their lack of money. Day by day, people are on corners of the street pleading for money or necessities to get them “back on their feet.” The rich will always be above those who do not have the ability to provide for themselves or their family.

The “lower-class” finds it difficult to execute the simpler tasks compared to the “high-class.” For example, wealthy people are able to pay off their bills and debts with little or no struggle. However, those with little money would have a tougher time getting their duties done. Being poor can also give you a sense of fear. “Poor women—-perhaps especially single ones and even those who are just temporarily living among the poor for whatever reason—- really do have more to fear than women who have houses with double locks and alarm systems and husbands or dogs” (Nickel 360).

In addition to this quote, the absence of security can affect the lives of the needy. Transportation also plays a role in why the wealthy is superior to the poor. The rich are able to buy cars and gas to get from place to place, while the meager ones walk by foot. Not only that, but some of the “low-class” people do not have a home.

The rich will always be above those who do not have the ability to provide for themselves or their family. Without having money, transportation, and security living life will become a massacre. I thank my family for providing me with all that is needed to make my “home” a better place. I could only imagine how life would be deprived of life-lasting necessities. Facing the adversities of the “lower-class” is hard to overcome. Life is looked at from different aspects, the poor are “living life trying to survive,” whereas the rich are “living life to the fullest.”

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