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Why Inexperienced Writers Struggle in Academic Writing Essay

Academic and professional writing is a process that involves a sequence of structured steps. Many inexperienced writers struggle because they treat writing as a single shot effort in which a document is drafted all in one sitting. My suggestion to the future COM/155 students in reality writing involves more than just taking a pen ,or computer in hand, and expecting the words to flow perfectly in an organized or focused manner. Most professional writers plan, write and rewrite multiple drafts of a document before achieving a finish product.

The process of writing is creative and personalized to the individual writer, but following a series of steps can help you as an inexperience writer eliminate much of the frustration and difficulty many people experience. The writing process has three main parts: pre-writing, composing, and post-writing. These three parts can be divided into five parts, which consist of (1)Planning(2)Gathering/Organizing( 3)Composing/Drafting(4)Revising/editing (5)Proofreading. These are my instruction to the future COM/155 Students, and here is an outline for you to follow to help you become successful writers.

A: Planning 1. Determine General Purpose 2. Determine Appropriate Tone 3. Choose a topic 4. Write a Statement of Purpose B: Gathering/Organizing 1. Practice Divergent Thinking 2. Practice Convergent Thinking C: Composing/Drafting 1. Write One Section of the Rough Draft at a Time 2. Write connecting Devices D: Revising/Editing 1. Begin with Higher Order Concerns 2. Finish with Lower Order Concerns E: Proofreading 1. Print a Hard Copy for Review 2. Read “Hard Copy” Aloud 3. Use “Cover Sheet” for Line by Line Review 4. Get Feed Back From Others.

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