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Why I Deserve the Jennifer Velasco Scholarship Essay

When I made the Sterling Varsity tennis team I set up a goal for myself and it was to be the number one in the team, I started playing tennis when I was a freshman and I also joined the USTA tennis association. Tennis became to be more than a passion to me it was even more than a hobby, I really enjoy spending time in the courts and listening to all my coaches giving me advice of how to get better.

From my freshman year to my senior year I practiced tennis every single day of the week I could even on most weekends, I took lessons and I also volunteered to help coaching the 10 and under kids in the last summer with Coach Rene Ronquillo. I got 3rd place on my freshman district tournament and on my sophomore year got 1st place in district, I made the sterling varsity tennis team my junior year and worked really hard to be the in the top 5 of the boys ladder. In January 2011 I got the opportunity to go a whole weekend with the tennis team to Newks Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas.

Which is a professional tennis academy and out of 70 players I got the scholarship for a tennis summer camp at Newks tennis ranch. At the end of the 2011 fall Team Tennis Season I was awarded as the player who made the most improvement to his overall game on the men’s team. I took advantage of the scholarship I got for the Newks Tennis Summer Camp in 2012 and came back and played all my challenge matches and made the number 1 player in the boys ladder for the 2012 fall Team Tennis Season. I was also named first team All-District for the 2012 fall season.

In January 2013 I had another opportunity to go to Newks Tennis Ranch for a whole weekend with the tennis team and got the scholarship for a second time out of 74 players. Currently I’ve been playing mixed doubles and we got 1st place on our district tournament. Tennis has definitely made me a better person in life and I thank to all the people who have support me through all my 4 years of tennis in high school. I hope I can win the Jennifer Velasco scholarship because it means a lot to me and I have worked very hard to get on where I am right now and I can say that all the effort was well worth it.

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