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Why I am ready to be a Non Commissioned Officer? Essay

This impersonal definition defines in a few words what a NCO is (Kautz, 2001). To me this definition encompasses a whole lot more. Ever since my childhood, I showed leadership qualities. As a kid, I was more interested in leading my friends in a football game, during some competition or any type of competition instead of the monotony of my science, geometry and English language books. My parents despaired but I come from a family where every child is encouraged to find their own personal niche and fit into society through it.

After some time, even though I was a better than average student started to believe that I would do well in a job where I could teach others by example and apply both my brain and brawn. I proudly admit that I am a patriot. The sight of the Washington Memorial and the White House, both significant landmarks of our country have never failed to bring tears to my eyes (Winkler, 1998). I believe my country was won after great hardships by our forefathers and it is our duty as its citizens to look after it.

And I believe because of both my innate leadership qualities and my love for my great countries, I am ready to be a Non-commissioned officer. I fully understand the duties associated with becoming a NONCOM as it is known in some circles. Non commissioned officers are often referred to as the backbone of the armed services and I understand the important implication of this definition (Fisher, 2007). I would have to be the primary leader for the bulk of the enlisted corps.

This would mean full responsibility or what I consider impressionable minds (Salinas, 2008). I pray I can teach them not only by words but by my example. I would have to be very careful with my each and every step knowing that any wrong step of mine can not demean my image in the minds of my juniors but also put my country’s name to shame which is something , I being so patriotic, may never be able to live with. I would also be responsible for executing military missions and training military personnel in order to prepare them to execute their missions.

This to me seems an even bigger responsibility in light of the recent world events and the threat to world peace which many peaceful nations face from a minority of extremists. I would have to be vigilant in my duties and try to prepare the boys for what I know to be tough conditions for them the likes of which most of them can never even imagine. I will try to instill in their minds that it is not a mere child of an enemy that we face but a lethal foe and it is our and or duty only to protect the citizens of our country for them.

I also understand how delicate military missions can be and I will try through my experience and studies to make sure that not even one mistake takes place or at least a mistake which can put the mission to risk. I understand that I am also to be a link between the bulk of the enlisted personnel and the officers in any military organization. Messenger or chain roles as they seem to me are particularly very fragile because both of the parties can suddenly be at odds with each other over trivial or seemingly mundane issues.

I will try my best to instill in the military personnel a sense of respect for their superiors and for the superiors to actually care about the well being of their juniors. I have always believed that the army hierarchy has a certain beauty to it. Where else would we see an ordinary man move through different ranks such as Corporal, Sergeant, Staff-Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major and Sergeant Major of the Army. To most people, these posts may look very confusing but to me this represents a career path (Thompson, 2006).

To be an officer of any organization, not just the army requires mammoth dedication, unsurpassed skills, good education and a sharp mind. I believe I have all these regardless of my young age and I am ready to prove this to the world. References Kautz. A. (2001). Service for Non-Commissioned Officers. Fisher, JR. (2007). Guardians of the Republic. Thompson. (2006). How Long Is the Night. Salinas. J. (2008). All were Valiant Winkler. (1998). Future Leader Development of Army Noncommissioned Officers

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