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Why Gallipoli was a failure? Essay

Turkey was on the same side as Germany in the First World War, that made them the Anzac’s enemy. It was decided that soldiers needed to land and fight in turkey. This is where the famous battle of Gallipoli happened now known as ANZAC cove because of the horrific losses of the Australian forces in a so seemed futile and pointless battle. This essay highlights why the Gallipoli campaign was a failure.

On April 25th 1915 the Anzac’s arrived at the Anzac cove, after an element of confusion which cause the landing to take place two kilometres to the north from there original point of attack called Gaba Tepe. This was a major disadvantage to the Australians as they didn’t know the numbers of troops or artillery they were facing let alone the geographical information about the cliff faced beach,

An offensive attack was soon turned into a defensive trench dung beach. The turks had being ready for them and just on the first day 2000 Anzacs were killed, it was a dangerous area to be fighting in as they were surrounded from three sides and the sea in such a congested and restrictive war zone, they couldn’t move forwards, but the Turks couldn’t either. Because of the Anzacs lack of knowledge about the beach, they were significantly down in numbers.

Getting the troops to Gallipoli was only one part of the battle, but maintaining the armies health and up to full strength became impossible because they were hemmed in the confined to a small area. There were huge losses due to the problems of overcrowding and the lack of hygiene. This was a major factor of the failure of the Gallipoli campaign as the numbers were in no comparison to the Turkish who could easily be thrown into and deployed to the battle front thanks to things such as the railway network built for them by the Germans.

One of the main problems with The allied campaign is that they got off to a bad start because the Turks had a month’s warning of the plan to land on the Gallipoli peninsula when an allied navel attack failed and when forces landed on the beaches in April 1915 the Turks were ready for them.

In conclusion you can see that Gallipoli was a failure for many reasons but manly resulting to the planning before the assault had taken place, this resulted in the consequence of the unprepared and ill-equipped Anzacs going into battle with the well structured Turkish.

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