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Why did I choose technical education? Essay

Why did I choose technical education? I did my homework—researched the market, talked to students and employers, and found that a technical education gives me the expertise and experience to be successful in my field. Technical education has so much to offer, and now I hope have the prospect of sharing its benefits in a unique way. I know that many new and exciting opportunities await me as I Study to become an HVACR tech. I hope it gives me the chance to change my life tremendously. I always loved jobs just working with my hands and I would not have it any other way. I feel accomplished when I use my strength and skill to put forth effort and create something. The feeling of building something, putting it together and being able to say I did that, is my way of leaving a legacy of success and hard work. I was very attracted to the technology and work in the field.

The work ethics that we practice in the classroom, like attendance and punctuality, I know will serve me as I move forward to a long career. The experience at the college has meant the world to me. For once in my life, I have felt like I am finally doing something positive. I feel, I can for once in my life be proud of myself. I hope to advance my training in HVACR beyond just a work ready certificate to a Degree. This is a great place for me to get my life together. I learned here that if I put my mind to it, I could achieve anything. I feel that with this training I can become a stronger person with better goals and workmanship, as I continue to advance.


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