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Why being on time is important Essay

Being on time is one of the most basic, yet most important things about what we do, as Marines, and Military Policemen. Most Marines understand this concept and are able to comply willfully and promptly due to the extent they have been taught regarding the importance of being on time and the punishment that can follow a more than tardy arrival. Tardiness in the workplace is a correctable issue and majority of the time is nothing more than a seldom occurrence.

Some particular occasions however, become more than just the scarce problem that it should be. When this becomes less than an uncommon problem, people begin to take notice. The most important part of any occupation is reliability. People need to be able to view you as more than a mediocre character that stumbles to work subsequently behind every other co-worker. they need to see you as a person that they can entrust their life to, whether that situation arises or not. They need to regard you as a trustworthy, well put together person; a well put together Marine.

The Marines is not a place for play. It is not. It is a place for america’s men and women alike to join together and construct an unstoppable effort for the good of this country and a harsh unforgiving authority for our enemies. When a Marine looks in the mirror, that is exactly what they should gaze upon; A Marine.

Arriving late, last minute, or unprepared are not attributes that compose a Marine. Being early, well prepared, and enthusiastic to initiate the day are qualities a Marine should have. Not having these aspects can account for many consequences, and whom is ultimately accountable for one’s own behavior? It’s not your command who tells you that you are at fault, it’s you.

All Marines being on time, as opposed to a belated appearance, is great for unit moral as well. it helps the unit work together due to the fact that everyone feels like they are putting forth an equal, and combined effort towards their common objective. A unit with 1 or more Marines battling an issue with tardiness is likely to have a lessened performance when being exposed to that Marine, or Marines. The concept will spread; if that marine can be late every day, so can I.

This type of ideology can take a drastic toll on the total effectiveness of the unit and cannot be tolerated. The productivity of any given unit with problem Marines, can and will immensely decrease causing Marines and co-workers alike, to be less encouraged to do their job to the best of their abilities. And instead, master the art of just getting by. This is why remaining on schedule is one of the most important parts of your daily routine. And if you are reading this and feel like everything written here doesn’t really apply to you, then I suppose you don’t have much to worry about.

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