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Who Is It Easier to Forgive? Essay

In life you will have many things that will mess your whole life. Fighting with someone is a reason that you have a problem in your life. Forgiving them is a good thing to do but it depends on the friend and what is the problem between you two, and if he or she was a close friend or an enemy.

Forgiving an enemy is better than forgiving a friend. Forgiving an enemy is easier because the enemy is a person that you don’t know but you just hate. When you fight with an enemy, you can forgive him easily because you don’t know everything about him and you don’t know the reason that he hates you for. An enemy maybe heard of you bad things so he thought about you in a bad way. When he knows you better he would change his point of view.

Forgiving a friend is a hard thing to do. When you fight with a friend you would hate him more and more. Your friend knows everything about you, so he would tell other people about your bad things. He could make you look bad in front of people. He is a close person to you so when he fights with you, you feel very bad because a person so close to you did this thing. This is the reason why it’s hard to forgive a friend.

Fighting with people in your life is a bad thing to do. For sure there is a reason behind this thing but you should try to not do it. You should try to solve the problems between each other in a friendly way. Either it was an enemy or a friend, you shouldn’t be bad toward them even if they were bad toward you. This is a better way to speak to them in a good way and solve the problem in a better way.

Forgiving an enemy is easier than forgiving a friend. An enemy is a person who doesn’t know you but he has a problem with you. Your friend is a close person to you in your life and knows every single thing about you, so it’s hard to forgive him. There is a better way to deal with problems between each other and it’s solving your problems in a friendly way.

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