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White Essay Topics & Paper Examples

White Oppression

Thesis Statement: “Dutchman” showed how African American people, represented by the character Clay experienced oppression against Whites which is represented by Lula. Introduction: The Dutchman is a play written by Amiri Baraka and played at the Cherry Lane Theater in New York and made into a movie in 1966. The play was recently reawakened in 2007. The play had been thrown of various criticisms especially on the part of black community. Analysis: The play bears elements primarily against black raising racism an the symbolic way of discrimination and violence against black community would seemingly happen in a cycle throughout and trying to give sympathy to white community about the situations and feelings of black against white racism (eNotes. com, Inc,…

Trapped Between Different Cultures

How does Jolil feel trapped between the two cultures in the short story Kiss Miss Carol by Farrukh Dhondy? In this essay I shall be discussing and looking at how Jolil feels, distressed between two different cultures that he is living in, at school and at home. Jolil feels stuck between the two cultures because his family are Muslim. Their culture is Bangladeshi and he is living in Britain in the East End of London. In ‘Kiss Miss Carol’ I think Farrukh Dhondy is trying to emphasise the contrast between the two different cultures and put across to the audience how difficult it is to merge them together harmoniously. In ‘Kiss Miss Carol’ Jolil’s father works hard and wants his…

The Man Who Saw the Flood

“When the flood waters recede, the poor folk along the river start from scratch.” In Richard Wright’s “The Man Who Saw the Flood,” the catastrophic flood-losses facing a poor family of sharecroppers reveal the circumstances that force the emancipated but still ignorant and debased blacks to become indebted to and thus re-enslaved by the same whites from whom they received freedom. Wright’s resigned yet resolute protagonists show that even hollow hopes can drive people to noble perseverance in the face of a bleak fate. This theme is reinforced and developed through the dynamic and symbolic setting of the story. The most prominent relation of setting to theme in this story is the bleakness of the flood-devastated land itself. The “stark…